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The Importance of Continuous Learning In AI: Aethos Consulting's Approach To Staying Ahead.

BN Bloomberg reports 34 domestic banks, 200-plus credit unions, and vast growth in fintechs plus trusts, foreign-owned banks, and life insurers in Canada’s financial market.

In such a competitive space, how can your financial organization stay ahead?

Hiring a team of top performers with their fingers on the pulse who can extrapolate high-level insights from vast swaths of data is one way to get there. Talented people who make profitable deals and stay ahead of marketing trends will always be in high demand.

However, even the most forward-thinking, expert financial minds can only be so productive without cutting-edge technologies to bolster their processes.

Why Do Financial Organizations Miss Out On Lucrative Opportunities?

Our founder has witnessed a multitude of successful institutions miss out on billions of dollars due to foundational inefficiencies. Specifically, they lacked the tools to keep them agile and prepared to make moves at the right times.

These organizations get stuck in the proverbial muck.

Yes, they possess the know-how and unique proficiency with numbers. Unfortunately, they’re inundated with numbers and repetitious tasks.

Instead of applying their skills to harness the value of the information, they’re trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Thus, these companies miss out on opportunities due to the fast-moving nature of the market. By the time they garner the necessary insights, the chance to capitalize vanishes.

Financial institutions must embrace the digital revolution to stay ahead. More to the point, Generative AI will help them focus on what counts, augmenting tasks that otherwise distract from the big picture.

At Aethos, we provide the tools to keep financial institutions moving forward–and growing– rapidly. We’re focused on learning about and implementing difference-making Generative AI technologies.

Getting To The Crux Of Deal-Making.

Ideally, your processes should be as “a to b” as possible.

Once c, d, e, f, g, all the way to z, get involved, seven, eight, nine, and even ten-figure deals get left on the table.

Keep the above sentiments in mind throughout this section.

It’s no secret that our products and services are rooted in Generative AI. That said, there’s a false notion that artificial intelligence “replaces” people.

You and your team have financial acumen and emotional intelligence that plainly cannot be emulated by Generative AI. These technologies can’t do your job, but they can help you and your team perform at a much higher level.

For instance, success is seamless once you or your people have the data–such as a high-value investment opportunity–at your fingertips.

The financial knowledge within your organization means once the information is available and easily digestible, profitable decisions and deals won’t be far behind.

Without the appropriate tools–like our Generative AI Swift Deal Discovery–identifying and actioning lucrative opportunities becomes an a to b, c, d, e, f, g, etc., process. Your company-wide expertise gets neutralized because you’re diverted from the crux of what you do.

Conversely, our Swift Deal Discovery feature will ensure you’re the first to know about lucrative deals and high-value investment opportunities.

Our technology streamlines information from a multitude of data sources (e.g., reports, market trends, and news).

What’s more? This information will be company-specific and customized to meet your unique investment criteria.

Our Generative AI tech provides live market insights via instant alerts sent right to Teams, email, Slack, or any other preferred communication platforms. You’ll receive valuable information exactly when it’s available instead of waiting until you’re behind the curve.

Aethos’s DealGenius tool also fosters seamless collaboration throughout your organization and with external partners. You can share updates, deal progress, and insights to expedite deal origination and execution.

All of these advantages equip your people to perform at their best.

Of course, it’s not a magic bullet solution. Your people are given the resources and ability to flex their financial analysis and deal-making muscles because all inefficient labour processes are removed from the equation.

Eliminating The Excess Noise Of Conversations.

Communicating the value of financial opportunities in a digestible and understandable fashion requires vast forethought, strategizing, and planning.

Planning an effective communication strategy to persuade potential clients and partners becomes exponentially more difficult when you’re derailed by repetitive manual tasks.

For instance, analysts will spend 40 hours formatting pitch decks.

Don’t get us wrong–formatting pitch decks is necessary. However, it’s not at the heart of your work.

Aethos’s myconverso is a Generative AI-powered conversation assistant. It crafts customized emails and scripts, harnessing cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning.

Again, the conversation assistant can’t replace you or your team’s expertise. It reduces workloads–managing the tasks that impede your progress–so your people can add substantial “oomph” to their persuasive prowess.

Here are myconverso’s state-of-the-art features:

  • Automate meeting prep and craft meeting scripts, schedules (“cadences”), and agendas with myconverso, priming you and your team for each interaction.

  • Myconverso’s email automation saves you precious time by generating professional emails at the press of a button. You’re then able to focus on more vital components of your work.

  • Connect with the right people through myconverso, which retrieves the profiles of targeted leads. You’ll gain data-derived insights through relevant company and contact data.

The Value Of Time.

According to an article on Medium, Generative AI saves people 50% of their time on tasks like research and writing. Forbes projects Generative AI will give us back 40% of our day.

These time-saving statistics yield a couple of advantages. For one, your team won’t be overworked.

They’ll avoid burnout in the face of arduous tasks that pull them away from their core functionalities.

A recent survey of finance employees reported heavy workloads (42%), time-sapping manual processes (36%), and excessive work hours (32%) as primary reasons for heightened stress. As a result, these individuals were considering leaving the industry.

Your business can’t succeed if your top performers want to exit the industry due to burnout. Generative AI will prevent these issues.

More importantly, Generative AI will enable your people to work smarter instead of harder.

“The grind” can be romanticized in many industries. It’s only natural to want talent to push themselves to drive profits. Still, “the grind” isn’t the most fruitful path to results.

Your teams will still be working hard with Generative AI. They’ll just be able to allocate their focus to more high-value tasks. A 40-50-hour workweek riddled with manual processes can instead be entirely dedicated to the core components of analysis and deal-making.

Aethos Stays Ahead, So You Can Stay Ahead.

The Generative AI tools we’ve discussed (e.g., DealGenius and myconverso) are industry-leading and cutting-edge.

That said, we refuse to rest on our laurels.

Generative AI is evolving rapidly–more than anyone could’ve ever predicted. The expected development timelines have shrunken by a decade.

These tools are more widespread and mainstream than ever, meaning your competitors are well aware of them and prepared to leverage their advantages.

Thus, Aethos makes it our mission to stay one step ahead. Our technologies aren’t going to stay as they are, waiting to be lapped by the next industry disruption that turns everything on its head.

We have our ears to the ground, and we’re deeply immersed in AI's advancements and growing use cases in the financial sector.

So, yes, our DealGenius and myconverso tools are state-of-the-art today. They’ll also remain that way as time passes. We’ll keep learning, ensuring these offerings stay ahead of the curve.

We’ll continue developing other products that extend to more use cases. We want to streamline your processes to help your financial expertise shine.

Keeping A Close Eye On Tomorrow.

Improvements in Generative AI’s large data set analysis capabilities will coincide with users getting more adept with such tools. As a result, AI-driven assistants (or copilots) like what we offer at Aethos will only grow in their impact on the market.

Expect Generative AI to mesh with traditional AI in various use cases.

For instance, conventional AI forecasting tools will rely on Generative AI to offer businesses recommendations on different forecast scenarios while explaining variances.

Tomorrow’s AI assistants or copilots will supercharge financial institutions in the following ways:

  • Generative AI will continue to evolve, offering insights into scenario planning throughout the budget cycle and financial forecasts. It will keep streamlining business intelligence, removing an increasing number of repetitive tasks for more precise insight generation. In turn, business partnerships will be reinvented.

  • Core finance processes will be transformed by Generative AI, including invoice processing, contract drafting, and general ledger reviews. Expect focused assistants to improve process efficiency by 10% to 20%. Through improvements and continued development, expect those percentages to increase dramatically with manual or tedious processes.

  • AI is being used to flag anomalies indicating fraud and noncompliance. As Generative AI evolves, it can help explain and predict these anomalies. The faster these discrepancies are identified and communicated, the more related risks will be mitigated.

Aethos: Focusing On Your Business’s Future.

Ensuring our Generative AI products offer your financial institution the most value means continually learning, evolving our technologies, and focusing on the future. This way, we’ll always provide you the most value and empower your organization to function at its peak.

Contact us today for a consultation to learn more about how our cutting-edge Generative AI tools can supercharge your deal-making and analysis.


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