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Online Meeting

Maximize your influence with an AI-powered communication assistant.

Master the Art of Persuasion

Elevate your communication game with myconverso, your genAI-powered conversation assistant. Harnessing cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing, it crafts customized scripts and emails to supercharge your persuasive prowess.

Streamlining Professional Communication


Meeting Preparation
and Scripting

Leave no room for unpreparedness. myconverso automates meeting prep, crafting meeting agendas, scripts, and schedules ("cadences") that ensure you're primed for every interaction.


Customized Email Generation

Reclaim your precious time with myconverso's email automation. Create professional emails in a flash, freeing you up for more critical tasks.


Real-Time Data Integration

Elevate your communication by connecting with the right people (we retrieve their actual profiles!), and gain data-driven insights through relevant contact and company information.

Customization for Various Professions

Tailoring solutions to your profession is effortless with myconverso. Unlock industry-specific templates and content, making it a breeze for salespeople, consultants, and entrepreneurs to access relevant, ready-to-use materials.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Training and Skill Development: Sharpen your communication skills with myconverso's skill development mode. Practice and refine your conversational prowess, boosting your confidence and effectiveness in professional conversations.

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