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Enhancing the Safe use of Language Models

While large language models offer valuable tools for enhancing human abilities, it's important to acknowledge their potential for misuse. We advocate for language model providers to adopt responsible development practices, which involve actively striving to create safer products and assuming a responsibility towards users, the environment, and society.

We are enthusiastic about the prospect of algorithmic language comprehension to enhance accessibility, facilitate human-computer interaction, and foster more extensive human-to-human conversations.

Foundational Values

Foster Ethical Development: Prioritize ethical considerations in the design and development of technologies, aiming to create solutions that align with values such as fairness, transparency, and accountability.

Data Responsibility: Source and use data responsibly, ensuring its accuracy, relevance, and fairness while respecting data rights and privacy norms.

Transparency and Accountability: Maintain transparency in the development and deployment of technologies, and hold ourselves accountable for any unintended consequences.

Sustainability: Consider the environmental impact of technology development and operations, striving to minimize carbon footprints and resource consumption.

Long-Term Responsibility: Acknowledge the long-term societal and environmental impacts of technology deployment, and commit to ongoing responsibility for these effects.

Our Approach

We understand that achieving absolute safety in technology, including machine learning, is a challenging endeavor. To address this, we prioritize the anticipation and mitigation of risks throughout our development process.

We are also mindful of the fact that the misuse of powerful language models can have a disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations. Therefore, we are committed to striking a balance between safety considerations and ensuring equitable access. This commitment is an ongoing and evolving aspect of our work.

Usage Guidelines

Our users must adhere to the Aethos Usage Guidelines, and access will be terminated for non-compliance. If you observe any misuse or harmful use of the Aethos Platforms, please promptly notify us.

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