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Aethos Labs CEO to Attend 2023 Florida Venture Capital Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Ekin Ober, CEO of Aethos Labs, will be attending the 2023 Florida Venture Capital Conference on Wednesday, February 8th. This esteemed gathering is a hub for entrepreneurs and investors alike, promoting the exchange of ideas and fostering new connections within the venture capital community.

Under Ekin's leadership, Aethos Labs has been at the forefront of merging technology and finance, innovating solutions that drive success for our clients. His attendance at the conference is a testament to our unwavering commitment to stay ahead of industry trends and to cultivate partnerships that enable us to offer even more value.

This opportunity allows Ekin to share insights, explore investment opportunities, and engage with other leaders who are shaping the future of venture capital and entrepreneurship. Aethos Labs is excited about the potential collaborations that may arise from this event, as we continue to lead in providing exceptional service and groundbreaking solutions.

We look forward to the inspiration and strategic alliances that Ekin will bring back from this significant event.


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