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Speak to Your Data.

With our expertise you can make smarter, faster decisions for a more sustainable future.

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Trusted by energy transition leaders


What we can do for you

With our focused expertise in sustainability and finance we provide the custom-built solutions you need to succeed.

Get first access to key investment information 

Is your investment origination team missing opportunities due to high volume of irrelevant news?

We consolidate and summarize relevant opportunities, tailoring them to your investment criteria.

Teams can save 2 hours per day, and reduce human error in finding high ROI deals.

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Versatile Solutions for Diverse Teams

Our solutions are built to fit the distinct processes and goals of every team, driving performance and achievement.

Empowering Your Financial Insights

Maximize your research potential and achieve your goals with our custom built solutions.

Investment Origination

Sustainability Knowledge Base

Market Research

Equity Research Notes

Daily Inbox Summaries

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"These tools have allowed us to put out our research faster and more efficiently."

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Meet the Team



Ekin Ober

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JD/MBA from Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Hall Law School

Ex-investment banker covering renewable energy industry

3+ years of experience solving energy transition problems



Xuesong Zhang

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PhD, Physics, University of Toronto - climate mitigation, database simulation and machine learning

Award-winning research on renewable energy and AI

3+ years of experience solving energy transition problems

Driven by firsthand experiences with data overload and inefficiencies, our founders built Aethos Labs to transform how organizations interact with data.


Nion Nickel Saves 20 Hours Monthly with AI-Powered Stakeholder Management

Nion Nickel transformed with AI solutions from Aethos Labs, saving 20 hours per month on stakeholder report preparation. Customized AI insights streamlined operations, improved report quality and timeliness, allowing Nion Nickel to focus on strategic growth and deliver exceptional value to investors.

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Ready to transform your data into actionable insights?

Begin your journey with Aethos Labs today.

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